Karen will be teaching “The Eight Treasures” beginning January 4th

8 treasures

The Eight Treasures is one of the oldest qigong forms, originating in early 12th century China.  It was developed to help monks and nuns keep their joints flexible.  Joints and tendons are interdependent; you can’t have flexible joints without  tendon flexibility.  Tendons connect bones with bones, bones with muscles and muscles with muscles.  Tendons can heal from the inside out through the practice of Eight Treasures, which also increases health and energy.

The Eight Treasures is a simple form, done standing, which helps strengthen all of the body functions as well as helping calm the emotions.  It is an excellent form for beginners.

Class will be held for 5 weeks on Thursday evenings at 7pm beginning January 4th.  Class will last 1 and a half hours.

Location:  3602 11th St. Lewiston Idaho

Cost:  $75, including instructional handout

Contact:  Karen Young, L. Ac., Healing Qigong Teacher with Ling Gui International School of Healing Qigong at karenyounglac@gmail.com or 208-883-8894.

Dave Pankey

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