Meditation Workshop Feb 7th & 8th

One Thousand Hands Buddha Qigong Meditation

Saturday Feb. 7th 1:00-5:00pm & Sunday Feb. 8th 9:30-3:00pm

“The word meditation is rooted linguistically in the Latin phrase, in medium ire, which means to go to one’s center.” During meditation we reconnect with the deepest aspects of ourselves & reawaken our self-healing capacity. One Thousand Hands Buddha is a powerful Qigong method that facilitates physical, emotional and spiritual opening. Practice of this form helps us rediscover our innate noble heart, find deep relaxation and true happiness. This seated meditation uses the hands and breath to flow into a series of hand mudras to clear the mind and create greater energy reserves for the body.

Location: Quiet Tiger Tai Chi Studio, 108 Marine View Ct.Lewiston, ID

Cost: $85 per person; optional instruction booklet $15

Information: Contact Erica LaFrenier at 208-790-6316 or email

Erica LaFrenier has been a student of the LingGuiInternationalHealingQigongSchool for the last 12 years. She is certified to teach several of the Ling Gui Qigong forms, (Liu Dong’s Methods). She studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the WellspringSchool for Asian Bodywork, and has a degree in Health Science from BoiseState. She has been practicing Tai Chi and Qigong for 15 years. To find out more about the school or the forms go to

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