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Qigong means “qi” cultivation;  “qi” is life force energy. Hui Gong for the Heart is a Taoist style qigong practice, part of Wisdom Qigong which has been handed down for over 2,000 years.  This form focuses on bringing the heart-mind (in Chinese medicine these are intertwined) to tranquility by gentle cleansing.  Tranquility brings healing in many ways.  This particular form helps heal the entire body but especially loosens and strengthens the arms and shoulders.  Hui Gong for the Heart helps with nervousness, forgetfulness, and focus issues as well as integrating the physical and emotional body.  It is also extremely helpful to the immune system and can help prevent allergies.

This form is done standing but can be adapted for people who cannot stand for the entire time.  Clothes should be loose and comfortable.  Class will consist of periods of practice alternating with discussion.


When:  April 7 & 14, 9 am – noon

Where:  3602 11th St., Lewiston Idaho

Cost:  $75

Presenter:  Karen Young is a long time licensed acupuncturist and healing qigong teacher with the Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School.

To register send $75 to Karen Young, 3602 11th St., Lewiston ID 83501

Include phone and email.

Registration deadline is April 1.

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